Resultados Acción Interna



Beginning of Call Center Project for released prisoners

Beginning of the "Legal library" Projects for prisons in Bogota



Philarmonic in Bogotá at La Modelo

Workshops on Resolution of Conflict and Leadership

Payless shoes store donation of 60 pairs of shoes to El Buen Pastor and La Distrital in Cartagena

Donation and construction of a computer room facility with 20 computers and scholarships

Fundación Acción Interna recognized as an entity of Social Innovation by “Revista Dinero.”

Makeup training began for inmates who will be participating at the beauty salon at the prison in Armenia

Makeup donation to the prison in Armenia

Movie truck at La Picota

Movie truck at El Buen Pastor

Painting Workshop at La Picota


Set up of play "En si erro" escrito por Bruno Díaz

Leadership and Conflict Resolution Workshop

Yoga Workshop at patio 9 in RM Bogotá

Claudita yoga studio workshop at patio 6 in RM Bogotá

Beginning of a yoga workshop at patio 3 in RM Bogota

Entrepreneurs visit to promote prisoners undertakings

Yoga at La Distrital

Alliance with the Ministry of Tourism to boost projects in Cartagena and Riohacha

Visit to prisons in Florida, U.S. (Dade County Correctionals)


Presentation of the play "Second opportunities" with users of Casa Libertad

The “Productive Restaurant Workshop” begins at EPMSC in Riohacha.

Presentation of the victims of the armed conflict to the inmates of La distrilal and la picota in Bogota

Theater training, oral expression and body language for inmates at El Buen Pastor, women's prison in Bogota

Yoga activities for inmates RM Cartagena.

Workshop in “Conflict Resolution and Leadership” for inmates at El Buen Pastor, Bogota’s women's prison.

Health and bathroom kits given to the inmates al El buenPastor


Presentation of Bogota’s La Modelo Prison theater group.

Presentation of the theater group from El

Buen Pastor and their work "En Si Erro".

Children's Day celebration with the children of users from Casa Libertad

Theater training for users of Casa Libertad

Theater training, oral expression and body language for inmates of El Buen Pastor.


Concert of the Philharmonic of Bogotá at La Picota

Donation of shoes to the inmates children of mothers of prison El buen Pastor

Set up of “Productive Workshop – Internal Hairdresser” at the women's prison in Armenia.

Celebration of “Women’s Day” with a concert by performers Santiago Cruz and Abel Pintos at El Buen Pastor women's prison.

Internal Growth Workshop for 60 inmates, together with the Therapeutic Community “Semillas” in COMEB

Entrepreneurship Workshop, together with the Therapeutic Community “Semillas” in COMEB.

Lessons in theater, oral expression and body language for inmates at El Buen Pastor in Bogota’s women's prison.


Bleachers for El Buen Pastor were donated.

Workshops of Crecimiento Interno with the therapeutic community ”Semillas en Picota” for 60 inmates

20 computers donation to La Modelo prison

Donation of books and notebooks to study English at EC Bogota

Creation of a library at the San Diego Prison

Creation of the first Work Cooperative within the prison of San Diego

Visit of the candidates of the national Beauty Pagent to La Distrital in Bogotá

Concert of the Philharmonic of Bogotá at El Buen Pastor

Visit to the jail in Santa Marta

Donation of books and notebooks to study English at La Modelo

Exhibition "Unconditional Freedom" with Carlos Duque From La Distrital

EY Donation to Casa Libertad for a computer room


Created a library for inmates of the prison district of Cartagena

Partnership with Charlie's and Mr. Wok to employ released prisoners.

A theater, music and dance group was formed at the women's prison of San Diego

Our internal program as example of re-socialization was disseminated internationally in the media such as the BBC in London and The Washington Post.

Donation of books, clothes and musical instruments to the San Diego Prison,

Creating Business Workshop at La Picota

Crecimiento Interno Workshop at La Picota

Creation of BusinessWorkshop at La Distrital prison


The first module of the workshop "Creating Business" ends for users of Casa Libertad, with the support of the Fundación Bancolombia.

Visit of the Deputy Minister of Justice of Italy, Cosimo Maria Ferri, to Casa Libertad. The senior Italian official said that "It is a very interesting project that looks forward and deals with a vital problem, as is the reintegration in society of those who have paid a penalty for having committed crimes and made mistakes." This is a complete model that helps the released inmates find a way and is very useful to get to know it. For us it is a true source of inspiration for the future".

Beginning of partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá for workshops on entrepreneurship and keeping track of projects from users Casa Libertad.


Under the artistic direction of Victoria Hernandez, training in singing, dancing, choreograpy, acting, improvisation and text of "I am Antigone" began with the theater group of “El Buen Pastor.”


CPC - workshop for trainers - in financial education - at the major prison establishments in Bogota: Carcel La Modelo, El Buen Pastor and La Picota. 90 inmates and 2 prison guards graduated as trainees at the Bank of Opportunities.

Intern work began at the prison in Acacias, with the production of the first collection of shoes “Zapatos Libres.” The shoes are hand-made by inmates at the footwear workshop.


“Yoga at the Patio” began at internal Patio 2, seclusion for women.


“teatro al Patio” began with a weekly showing (Mondays) of "Yo soy Antigona" in all prison yards of the “El Buen Pastor.”


The first phase of workshops of “Women Awareness” and “Internal Travel” took place at prison yards 4 and 9 at El Buen Pastor. Participated as a speaker the Director of the FTINT in TedXBogotaMujeres and Women true north (Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico).


First TEDx Talk in a prison facility in Latin America, Tedxcarcelbuenpastor.

Presentations of "I'm Antigone" at teatro al Patio at “El Buen Pastor,” are completed.


Inauguration of “Casa Libertad” – Freedom House - First concert of reconciliation and rehabilitation with Andrés Cabas and musicians from La Modelo prison and presentation of "I'm Antigone" in the theater at Casa Libertad.


The “Creating Business” workshop started at El Buen Pastor, as part of the Trabajo Interno program, with the collaboration of the Fundación Bancolombia.

First loan granted to a user of Bancamía at Casa Libertad. Also, 4 users got jobs from Casa Libertad.


Rehearsals began for the 2nd National Theater Festival of Prisons- 2016.
Started the “Creating Business” workshop Casa Libertad as part of the Trabajo Interno program with the collaboration of the Fundación Bancolombia.


Theater rehearsals in 6 prisons nationwide.


Start of rehearsals for the First National Theater Prison Festival.


First National Theater Prison Festival with participation of 6 prison establishments in the different INPEC regions.


The Program “crecimeinto Interno” begins, support network for the Therapeutic Community of “El Buen Pastor.” Supported by Mercedes Salazar Joyería and El Buen Pastor.


Rehearsals started for the First concert of Re-conciliation and Re-socialization


Visit to prisons in Armenia and Pereira to form new theater groups.

Video projection of the Teatro Fundación Interna of our three programs - Arte Interno, Trabajo Interno, Creciemiento Interno. It was presented at the main theaters of Cine Colombia during three months as a form of conveying the work of the Foundation to the general public.


First show of “Yo soy Antigona,” third work of the “El Buen Pastor,” theater group at the Office of the “Defensor del pueblo”

The Director of the Fundación Acción Interna, was named as one of "The top 30 Leaders of Colombia 2104" for her work with the Foundation.


Alain Lagger, Director of Happyness, gives a conference at the Carcel Modelo and “El Buen Pastor.” 250 inmates were in attendance.

Emaus Retreat at the Women Detention Centers in Armenia, Ibague and Bogota, with the participation of 60 women per center.

Participation in the Women ́s Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville (France).


Workshop on Financial Education of the Bank of Opportunities at Carcel la Modelo, El Buen Pastor, and La Picota.


The play “Yo soy Antigona " was presented at “El Buen Pastor.”


Public presentation of the play “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”, at the inauguration of the INPEC’s theater


Visit to theater groups from prisons in Madrid, Teatro Yeses (Elena Cánovas) and the Transform Foundation in Barcelona.

Participated at the Gestal Theater/Therapy Congress in Cartagena, Colombia.


Attended the Borders Congress in Marseille (France), as well as the Cinema Festival of Prisons in Europe (15 countries participated).


Beginning of rehearsals of “Cuadros de Amor y Humor al Fresco” by José Luis de los Santos with the theater group of “El Buen Pastor.”


“Life plan and entrepreneurship” in partnership with Bancoldex and the Externado University of Colombia with the participation of 40 women inmates from “El Buen Pastor.”


Second Emaus Retreat with the participation of 80 women from “El Buen Pastor”


Participated in the creation of the Prison Dignity committee, together with the Ministry of Justice and Law.


Theater presentation at the opening of “Colombia Responsable" (Colombia responsible) at Corferias.


Presentation of the play Bernarda Alba at the Gimnasio Moderno.


Creation of the project, choosing of actors/actresses and adaptation of the first group theater presentation of  Bogotas womens prison  “El Buen Pastor”


Rehearsals  of the play  “La Casa de Bernarda Alba”  with  inmates from “El Buen Pastor,”

First Emaus retreat with the participation of 80 inmates of “El Buen Pastor.”


Presentation of “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” at “El Buen Pastor.”