• We have improved the quality of life of more than 30,000 people deprived of their freedom
  • Our aim is to reduce vulnerability and increase opportunities of inmates.
  • There are 118.000 inmates in Colombia; human beings who deserve a second chance
  • We encourage financial inclusion and productivity of the prison population and of those who have already paid their debt to society
  • We believe in the healing power of theater, music and art as a transformer and reconciler

Our Work

Crecimiento Interno

Spiritual and personal growth for inmates and released prisoners. Support for rehabilitation of addictions.

  • Psychosocial support
  • Study grants
  • Rehab support of addictions
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Yoga
  • Motivational workshops
  • Training in direct sales
  • TEDx at “El Buen Pastor”
  • Leadership and conflict resolution

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Arte Interno

Art as a tool of expression and transformation

  • Theater
  • Prison theatre National Festival
  • Music
  • Reconciliation concert
  • Plastic Arts
  • Art exhibitions

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Trabajo Interno

Development of labor skills and productive projects

  • Creation of company
  • Financial education
  • Productive projects
  • Inclusive business
  • "Libres" Shoes
  • Food Truck "Go Lupe"
  • "Interno" Restaurant

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Casa Libertad

Generates opportunities for human development for those who have recovered their freedom through our model of intervention of art and productivity

  • Financial services
  • Financial education
  • Theater therapy
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Plastic arts
  • Addiction support

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Since 2012 this Foundation works to improve the quality of life of inmates and those who are to be set free in Colombia.

We have worked with over 30.000 inmates in 27 penitentiary facilities around the country.

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Entrepreneurship projects

Go Lupe

Go Lupe

As an initiative of social entrepreneurship “Fundación Acción Interna” acquired a Food Truck, which generates employment to those who have already paid their debt to society. Go Lupe works throughout the city at events and places with large influx of people, and it is currently operated by these same people.

de 8:00 am a 5:00 pm
Av. Caracas #36-41

Restaurante Interno

Restaurante Intenro

"Interno" is the first restaurant in the world open to the public in a women's prison. It is a unique model of social reintegration and without doubt an example of re-socialization. This generates innovative spaces of reconciliation between the prison and the civilian population, where the traditions of the region are enhanced and presented, which in turn allows for the improvement of the prison, social and tourism sector of the Colombian Caribbean area.



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Cartagena - Colombia

Libres - Productos hechos a mano en las cárceles de Colombia.
Handmade products from Colombian prisons

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