Fundación Acción Interna


This is a non-profit entity founded in 2013 to dignify and improve the quality of life of the inmates and those have already been released in Colombia. It is intended to transform, vindicate and reconcile the prison population with civil society. We have three very specific programs to help us reach our purpose: Teatro “Interno,” Crecimeinto Interno and Trabajo Interno; each with their own projects and activities. The Fundación Acción Interna has joined forces with the private sector, public sector and national and international organizations since its inception, enabling it to reach its objectives.


Improve the quality of life of the prison population, recently released inmates and those in vulnerable conditions in Colombia, generating opportunities for reconciliation and re-socialization, through the development of their abilities and the generation of socially and economically sustainable productive projects.


Achieve the de-stigmatization of the prison population and the reconciliation with the civilian population through our intervention model, which can be replicated at a national and international level.

The Fundación Acción Interna will be a self-supporting organization, positioned and recognized national and internationally within the public and private sectors, as a promoter of projects that contribute to the consolidation of peace and the reconstruction of the social fabric in Colombia.


Crecimiento Interno: Introspection, acceptance and forgiveness. Support for addiction rehabilitation.

Arte Interno: Express feelings; art as a healing and reconciliation tool.

Trabajo Interno: Generate productive projects and social and financial inclusion opportunities.

Pospenados: Create opportunities for people who recovered their freedom through our intervention model.